When looking forward to 2020, my thoughts were consumed with ideas for studio decor and how naturally lighting the space would work for clients, little did I know I was about to be stopped dead in my tracks by a global pandemic.

In the beggining it felt like we had been given this time to play and document our lives. The sun was out and rural living meant we had space!

We had time in abundance, together as a family. Time we'd never had before due to school, work and other commitments. This was bliss!

Soon the gorgeous summer images that I adored were beginning to look all too similar, I was in a creative rut and didn't know how to move forward. I began to look to social media for inspiration and kept finding these stunning blur filled images that couldn't be mistakes, there was focus! Beautiful crisp focus in different parts of the images and all by different artists, how? I went in search of answers and found them....

Lensbaby! These amazing, creative lenses that would make sure to provide something different in each shot. I became slightly (ok, super) obsessed!

Skip forward to today, in the middle of our 2nd full lockdown, Lensbaby is hardly ever off my camera body!

I found beauty in the blur. I started to shoot using the Composer Pro II with my Sweet 35 optic which gave an insanely beautiful type of bokeh and can make any image stand out.

The images above are shot with the Sweet 35 optic and I love it! The way it pulls focus to the details always amazes me! It definitely wasn't easy to begin with but the more I practiced the easier it became, that coupled with letting go of perfection and leaning into the creative element of Lensbaby was key!

My all time favourite optic has to be the Edge! The images above are taken with the Composer Pro II alongside my baby, the Edge 35.

The Edge creates a slice of focus from one side of the image to the other, allowing the rest to be blurred perfectly. With both the Edge and the Sweet, you manipulate where the focus falls by rotating the Composer Pro to your desired spot.

You can also choose how much blur you want in your image by adjusting your aperture.

I ordered and I'm very impatiently waiting for the Edge 80 optic to arrive, I cant wait to get shooting with this one!

The images above were shot using my existing Sony & Sigma Art lenses with Omni filters. These incredible tools attach to a filter ring that comes with the Omni creative filter system. This little beauty allows me to attach omni crystals or gels to the magnetic ring to go hands free for other work.

The create stunning visual interest in the most simple of settings.

Finding Lensbaby made me see the world in a completely different light! It allowed me to see small slices and sweet spots of focus in camera.